Thursday, August 21, 2014

No excuses, No weights Upper Body Workout

This is an upper body workout that I put together and tested out that will make your arms feel like jello and there is NO WEIGHTS being used.  The workout should take about 30 minutes, so set a timer.  Push ups can be done on you knees, but try to do as many on your feet as possible.  Even if it's just 1.  Push yourself past your comfort zone.  Or, if you can do all of them on your toes, but not drop down as far then I would rather you do that bc you are more likely to keep your core tight and engaged while on your toes :)  ENJOY!

I took pictures while doing the workout so I could show you that it could be done anywhere, without much room and even in your PJs if you wanted to  :)



Hands are in line with your shoulders and fingers are turned
out a bit.
Drop down to a push up and keep the elbows hugging your sides.

Elbows go straight back



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