What Is My Fitness Training Group?

I have a lot of people asking me what my fitness training group is, so I thought I would have a one stop shop for information about it.

This is a little bit different than custom workout plans, as these videos are designed and put in order for a person to lose weight and get into a healthy routine. It won't be a custom workout plan, but one that someone can most definitely follow and you will also gain access to the closed facebook group where you will have accountability and motivation for not just me, but the other people that are in the group doing the challenge with you. The page will be password protected and you will be given 10-12 different videos and I will tell you which ones to do on what day. 

It's $50 for the month long group and there are other things that you can add onto your package that I will have at the bottom of this page.

After the group is done, you will be given links to the videos that you purchased and you will be able to do them whenever you want :)  To anyone who is interested, I will be offering an advanced training group near the end of the 30 days.


1 Month Group- 10 workouts, 1-2 videos provided Monday-Friday: $50

1 Month Group with Caloric Estimate & 10 Day Meal Plan: $60

1 Month Group with 7 Day Shakeology Tester: $75

1 Month Workouts with Shakeology Tester & 10 Day Meal Plan: $85

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