14 Day Slim Down Challenge

This Challenge includes a 14 day slim down meal plan, around the clock support in a group setting.  Groups help motivate and CHALLENGE one another.  It has been very effective and is very affordable.  

14 Day Slim Down

The 14 Day Slim Down is a meal plan that is designed to help you learn portion control and get some ideas for healthier food/meal options.  I put a group together every month on Facebook and in that group I provide you with an excel spreadsheet of the meal plan which will have meal ideas for each meal of the 14 days, snacks included. I know that there are going to be things on the menu that you might not like, so I periodically (throughout the 14 days) post other meal ideas, in case you want to replace a meal or you just want other ideas for days after the 14 days are up.  You will also be able to post on there and share any ideas, success, or questions.  

I also have you give me your measurements and with that I calculate (which is a rough estimate this way, but still fairly accurate) your body fat percentage and calculate your caloric expenditure based on your activity.  Once I figure all that out, I suggest a caloric intake to follow after the 14 days are up.  If you want to continue with a meal plan, I have a 12 week option to follow!

14 Day Slim Down Meal Plan- $20

12 Week Continuing Meal Plan- $38 every 12 weeks.

Email me with questions about Automatic Payments or Installment Plan. 

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