New Year, New You: Fitness Challenge Group

The Purpose:
This challenge was designed to help people stay accountable through their health and fitness. It's a way to meet goals and push yourself a little harder each day because, let's be honest, who doesn't like a little friendly competition!?! HOWEVER, This group WILL BE a supportive, understanding, non judgmental group. You will be shown what's it's like to travel through a journey (and it won't be easy) with a group who is traveling it with you and what it's like to live a healthy lifestyle, because after the 4 weeks those changes that you made in the beginning just become your lifestyle.

What will the group be like?
Like I said, this will be a 4 week group. Participants will pay a total of $20 ($21 (for tax purposes) if paying by paypal). During the group you can do whatever workouts you choose to do, but I will also be providing workouts that are prerecorded AND I will also be at least 3 LIVE workouts a week through the PRIVATE Facebook group that we will all be in.  These workouts (both the recorded and Live ones) will consist of cardio and strength training.  Some WILL require weights or bands/tubing  (you can buy a set of tubing at Walmart and use it for all the weight portions of the workouts), but EVERYTHING can be done in the comfort of your own home.  I will let you know ahead of time when you will need any equipment (you'll mainly need the equipment on the days that I will be doing the live workouts).  I will also host mini challenges throughout each week.  Example: Hold a wall sit for 2 minutes/do 20 push ups/ 50 sit ups and REPEAT.  Those types of challenges will be held randomly throughout the weeks and multiple times a week.  Just a little extra push to keep on going!

As for the LIVE workouts: I normally do my own workouts at my house after I get my daughter on the bus for school. I'm on EASTERN time, so I'm usually done working out by 9am my time (8am CST).  I will jump online after my workout partners leave and will start the LIVE workout for our group probably around 9:30 EST/8:30 CST each morning.  If you can make it LIVE, GREAT!  If not, no worries, it will be recorded for the day for you to either do that night or if you're an early riser and you do your workouts super early in the morning, you'll have it for the next morning.  I can PROMISE YOU whatever your schedule is like, you'll NEVER be shorted a workout.  You'll always have something provided for you!

Also, participation is KEY in these challenges.  Remember, this is a completely PRIVATE group and this is also a completely NON JUDGMENTAL group!!! We are all here to motivated and encourage each other, so I always encourage "sweaty selfies!"  Really, anything to prove to me that you did some sort of workout.  I'll be posting sweaty selfies after each of my workouts and I also post my Garmin results.  And, of course I'll also be working out with you all during those live workouts.  If you're not into selfies at all, then just post something that proves to me that you did a workout that day.  This is the absolute best way to hold yourself accountable throughout the challenge.  I can only provide you with the workouts, motivation and the tools to get you to your's up to YOU to do the work.  You're paying for this group though and even though it's only $20...make that $20 worth it.  Make YOU worth it!!!  The more participation, the better the results are FOR EVERYONE!  And, I may or may not give away some prices for participation...just sayin ;) .

I will also share meals that I make and give tips and meal ideas.  I also encourage you to share your meal ideas and post your favorite websites and such that you find the recipes from.

Meal Plan/Shakeology
Because your diet is 85% of your results, I will be offering an option for a 14 day slim down meal plan. This plan is designed for someone who needs a kick start in their nutrition. Someone who needs a better idea of portion control and what to eat and when. This meal plan is $5 extra. I am also offering 7 day Shakeology test packs. Those are $35 extra for the 7 days of shakes (meals).  Both of these options are just that, completely optional.  They're available if you want to add them in with the fitness challenge, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

What happens at the end of the 4 weeks?
Everyone is going to have different goals... some will be wanting to lose a bunch of weight, some will want the last 10 pounds gone, some want more muscle, etc. So, at the beginning of the challenge I'm going to ask that everyone takes before pictures and measurements. GASP.... I know, I!!!!!!! However, your pictures will ONLY be for yourself, unless you choose to share them with me or are really excited about the change and you want to share with the group. Women: I will ask the you wear workout pants and tighter tank top or sports bra. Whatever you're comfortable with. Men: Shorts with tank top or shirtless. You will take one straight on shot, one side (with arms out) and one back. To me, this is the best way to see results.  I don't want anyone obsessing over the scale.  I want you to really focus on the total body change and how you're feeling in your clothes. Here is my transformation video so you can see how the pictures will be taken.

There are two ways to submit your payment.  There will be $1 extra if using paypal and you'll just submit it by choosing whichever option you want from the drop down menu below. Or you can send a check to me (I will personally give you my address) for $20.
I think that pretty much sums up everything. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.

Payment Options

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