Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information about Fruits and Veggies

Carb consumption is extremely confusing for many of us. Carbs help with muscle recovery, help fuel muscle growth, boost energy, and satisfy hunger. However taking too many of them at the wrong time encourages body fat storage. Here are some quick tips on what types of carb you should be consuming and when.

Fast Digesting Carbs

Examples: Sugar, honey, molasses, dextrose

Taking these carbs before a workout will supply energy, and after a workout they restock muscle glycogen. Any other time of day, these carbs encourage fat storage by increasing insulin release. Take approximately 25 G before and after workouts. Avoid all other times of days.

Slow Digesting Carbs

Examples: Sweet Potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice

These carbs provide slow burning energy without spiking your insulin. Eat these carbs at whole meals, and avoid later in the day, when they are more likely to be moved into fat storage, rather then being burned for energy.

Fibrous Carbs

Examples: Vegetables, some fruits, beans, and lentils

These foods are high in fiber and have much less impact on insulin release. They also support and deliver critical nutrients. These carbs slow protein absorption, which is beneficial at certain times of days. Avoid these an hour before workouts and 30 minutes afterwards.

Source: Oxygen Magazine 8/14

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