Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My day while doing the 21 Day Fix

I know when starting the 21 Day Fix I was SO confused. I swear I read over the book 3 times and I still had questions haha. I luckily had friends who had already done it, so I had people to help me out. What I really wanted when I started was an example day from someone who had done the program, so I wanted to share what a day with me is like while doing the fix :) and actually, it's basically always like this now (a few slip ups here and there..shhhh... 🙊🙉😉) because it's just became a habit. It became my way of eating and living. Anywho, I hope this helps!

Mixed Fruit (purple)- I fill a purple container with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
Wheat Toast (yellow)-I personally get the Sara Lee Delightful Wheat that is 45 calories a piece
2 Hard Boiled Eggs (red)- sometimes I switch it up and have 4 pieces of Turkey bacon instead
Peanut Butter for the toast (spoon)
1-2 cups of coffee with 2 tbsp of low fat milk. If you're a coffee drinker, having 1-2 cups a day with low fat milk, honey, or stevia is perfectly fine!

1 medium banana (purple)- bananas are a great pre workout snack for energy.
Glass of lemon water

Workout-11am-I normally drink 2 glasses of water while working out, but I sweat a lot out.

Shakeology (red)- I drink Greenberry shakeology and I mix it with water and lemon & lime juice. 3 days a week I will replace a yellow container and mix it with OJ. And some days I will have less fruit in the morning and add some to my shake. I always have a protein source within 90 minutes post workout. Protein builds muscle and your muscles are ready to absorb all that good stuff right after your workout.

Carrots (green)-I'll be honest, SOMETIMES I drizzle a teaspoon (bc I usually only use one in the day and I get two) of ranch over them. 🙈 Don't judge me! Lol
Glass of lemon water

Chicken Salad
Lettuce (green)
Tomatoes cucumbers Broccoli peas (green)
Chicken (red)-seasoned with 21 day fix seasonings
2 hard boiled eggs (red)-I'll add these if I don't have them in the morning. If I do have them in the morning then I add a little more chicken to get all my reds in.
Shredded Cheese (blue)
21 day fix dressing (Orange)
Glass of lemon water

Between dinner and bed I will drink 2 more glasses of water and then I have a nighttime tea that I also drink every night.

So, there it is :) I hope this helps!!