Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Fitness Challenge-Day Four

This is a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Traininh (HIIT) workout. This is going to be cardio and lower body work. For an extra calorie burn and arm work, wear hands weights if you have them. This is a workout that I use with my clients who I work one-on-one with! Hope you enjoy :) 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Fitness Challenge-Day Three

Upper Body and Buns. No equipment needed and do both two times for a 20 min workout. At least do each video once, if that's all you can fit in today :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Fitness Challenge-Day Two

5 minute Total Body. Do this TWO time for sure. If you do 3 times..... AWESOME (I suggest it if you can)

5 Minute Bridge Challenge. You'll need a stool or something that you can prop your feet up on. Preferably something that's about mid calf. Do this workout twice. Your booty will be on fire!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Challenge Week-Day One

Today, you will do the two 5 minute videos (you can do them twice if you're feeling frisky lol). And either do the treadmill challenge or the living room challenge. Whatever you choose to do, you're total workout will be 30 min long (unless you do the 5 minute videos more than once). You can do them in any order you choose. 

5 minute Ab Attack

5 Minute Back Burner (if you DO NOT have weights, do push ups in place of the weighted exercise. You'll do them for one minute. Just keep the video going and listen for me to tell you when to stop. Take breaks as you need and do as many on your toes as possible)

If you have or are able to use a treadmill, do this challenge:


If you DO NOT have a treadmill, you're going to do the following:

Cardio Living Room Challenge:
1 minute of cardio video, which will be one move at a time (There are 5
Moves, each a minute long) Then, between the moves, you will do the lunge/squat moves that are in the treadmill workout. So, it'll be:

Each move will be one minute:

Run in place
Walking Lunges for (hold weights if you have them)
High knees
Squat pulses (hold weights if you have them)
Squat jumps
Weighted walking diagonal lunges
Mountain Climbers
Squat pulses (weighted)
Weighted walking lunges
Alternating Jump Lunges


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Treadmill & Lower Body HIIT-NO RUNNING

CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE!!! I created a Great treadmill/lower body HIIT workout with NO RUNNING. I squeeze this in every single night bc it's easy to turn on the tv or music and do this routine. And , if I can't a workout in some day, I know will at least take 20 min to do this. You're getting your heart rate up with this workout by using large muscles groups and therefore burning more calories. So, here's the Christmas Challenge...If you do this, I challenge you to squeeze this in once a day next week.  Increase the speed or intensity as the days go on and you get comfortable or if you have to start off slower, increase as you go along and have your last two days be identical to the workout. Let me know how you do!

After you do your treadmill minutes, step off and do the leg work. Use two 10 lb weights, resting them on your shoulders as you're doing the squats and lunges.

0 incline/speed 4- 4 minutes

Weighted walking lunges- 1 minute
Incline 12/Speed 3.4- 2 minutes
Weighted pulse squats-1 minute
Incline 11/Speed 3.6- 2 minutes
Weighted walking diagonal lunges-1 minute
Incline 10/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Weighted pulse squats- 1minute 
Incline 11/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Weighted walking lunges- 1 minute
Weighted squat pulses-1 minute 
Incline 12/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Diagonal weighted walking lunges-1 minute
1 leg weighted pulse squats (30 sec each leg)

5 minute no incline cool down

I promise your legs will be on fire when you're done.