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Weekly Videos of my Workouts, Exercises, etc., along with other Workouts, etc!
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15 min Core Workout for the day!!

1. Ball Abs
2. Spiderman Planks
3. Alternating Supermans

Do each exercise for 1 min, taking a 30 second break between each. Repeat each exercise 4-5 times (do at least 4, shoot for 5).

Tell me how you did :)

Countdown from 100 Workout
100 Jumping Jacks
90 Crunches
80 Reverse Crunches
70 Lunges
60 Jumping Jacks
50 Squats
40 Crunches
30 Leg Lifts
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Minute Run
Reverse Crunches

Arm Workout

Sculpting the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest

ALL MOVES ARE 45 seconds with 15 second break:

1. Push Ups
2. Tricep Dips
3. Downward Dog Push Ups
4. Plank
5. Small Arm Circles/rest/Reverse

ALL MOVES ARE 50 seconds with 10 second break:

1. Tricep Push Ups
2. Plank Dips (dip hip down from side to side)
3. Wide Push Ups
4. Up/Down Plank
5. Downward Dog Push Ups

ALL MOVES ARE 60 seconds with 20 second break:

1. Small Arm Circles
2. Reverse
3. Alternating Superman
4. 3 Burpees then 5 Push ups & repeat for 60 sec
5. Push Ups


Alternating Superman


This total body workout will target cardio, abs, glutes, quads, ect. I just put it together and tested it out and it should take you no longer than 25 min to do :)

Feet can be off the ground or lightly touching the ground.
punch the floor twisting side to side for 1 min

Pulse Thru Crunches
Chin away from the chest and pulse
through with your hands between
your knees. Short fast bursts

Bowler Lunge
Just as the name says. Lunge back as if
you're bowling. When it comes to the
pulses, keep the legs back and
pulse down to the ground. Shift all
your upper body weight onto the leg you're
working, but make sure the knee stays
behind the toe!

NO EXCUSES, NO WEIGHTS Upper Body Workout 
This is an upper body workout that I put together and tested out that will make your arms feel like jello and there is NO WEIGHTS being used. The workout should take about 30 minutes, so set a timer. Push ups can be done on you knees, but try to do as many on your feet as possible. Even if it's just 1. Push yourself past your comfort zone. Or, if you can do all of them on your toes, but not drop down as far then I would rather you do that bc you are more likely to keep your core tight and engaged while on your toes :) ENJOY!

I took pictures while doing the workout so I could show you that it could be done anywhere, without much room and even in your PJs if you wanted to :)


Hands are in line with your shoulders and fingers are turned
out a bit.

Drop down to a push up and keep the elbows hugging your sides.

Elbows go straight back


5 minute Glute/Bridge Challenge

5 minute Ab Attack

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