My Weight Loss Transformation Story

Everyday I strive to progress.  I've gotta tell ya...I'm NEVER going back to that. I know that some of you say, "well that's post baby" and yes, that's true, but I can promsie you I would have stayed that way or gotten worse had I not done... something right away. These pictures are always SO hard to share, but I do it with hopes that it gives someone the little motivation they need. To show you that I know how hard it is and I know what you're going through. I didn't go from point A to point B overnight or with any magic weight loss pill. I get embarrassed when I show these pictures and I feel proud of myself all in one. First picture was taken Jan 09 and last pic (most recent at the bottom) was taken Aug 2014. It took months of dedication to lose it and then a lifestyle change to maintain it. Whatever you do, just promise yourself your own transformation story.

First picture taken Jan 2009. Last picure taken Aug 2014

This is my friend, Amber who I trained for a few months before our husbands got back from deployment.  Her story is under the "Testimonals" tab

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