Thursday, December 18, 2014

Treadmill & Lower Body HIIT-NO RUNNING

CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE!!! I created a Great treadmill/lower body HIIT workout with NO RUNNING. I squeeze this in every single night bc it's easy to turn on the tv or music and do this routine. And , if I can't a workout in some day, I know will at least take 20 min to do this. You're getting your heart rate up with this workout by using large muscles groups and therefore burning more calories. So, here's the Christmas Challenge...If you do this, I challenge you to squeeze this in once a day next week.  Increase the speed or intensity as the days go on and you get comfortable or if you have to start off slower, increase as you go along and have your last two days be identical to the workout. Let me know how you do!

After you do your treadmill minutes, step off and do the leg work. Use two 10 lb weights, resting them on your shoulders as you're doing the squats and lunges.

0 incline/speed 4- 4 minutes

Weighted walking lunges- 1 minute
Incline 12/Speed 3.4- 2 minutes
Weighted pulse squats-1 minute
Incline 11/Speed 3.6- 2 minutes
Weighted walking diagonal lunges-1 minute
Incline 10/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Weighted pulse squats- 1minute 
Incline 11/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Weighted walking lunges- 1 minute
Weighted squat pulses-1 minute 
Incline 12/Speed 3.8- 2 minutes
Diagonal weighted walking lunges-1 minute
1 leg weighted pulse squats (30 sec each leg)

5 minute no incline cool down

I promise your legs will be on fire when you're done.

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