Amber (Age:31)


I have NEVER been the girl that had to watch what she ate, counted calories or even knew how to eat clean....until i moved to Alabama for my husbands career in 2007. I gained over 50 pounds in that 2 1/2 year period due to our lifestyle.

 At the age of 26 i DID NOT know how to even start to fix my bad habits. I moved to Kansas shortly after Stephanie in 2009 and began to work at loosing the weight and begin a new HEALTHY life-style! We started slowly easing me into the shock of not eating a double decker burger or something greasy every time i went out! She was patient and didn't push me too much that i would give up.  The first two years i lost most of the weight and was learning how to eat clean.

In 2011 I became pregnant with my first daughter (at the age of 30) and as excited as i was that i was having a child,i was horribly scared of gaining my weight back! I did well through my pregnancy but had a bit of a set back loosing what weight i had gained afterwards. Stephanie became a certified personal trainer and we set off on a goal to b a 'new woman' in mind AND body in the 9 months my husband was deployed! I promised myself i wouldnt give up and I owed to myself to be the woman I always saw myself as...not the woman i looked at in the mirror every morning.

We hit 95% of the goals we set and are still working at that 100%...not that i ever think i stop trying to just do better,do more,but that is what Stephanie has taught/instilled in my new life style!

 Its EASIER to make the right choices and feels GOOD to get that workout in! I am so proud of myself but know i couldn't have done it without my Best Friend and P.T. Stephanie Erickson! I love you sister!

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